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$36.62 list($39.99)
81. McAfee Anti-Spyware Version 1.0/Firewall
$18.65 list($49.95)
82. Desktop to Go for Palm 2.5 DVD
$44.99 $13.88 list($59.95)
83. Steganos Security Suite 6.0
84. MOBILE SYSTEMS Oxford English-Spanish
$39.99 $17.10
85. Zone Alarm Pro 4
$12.99 $5.99 list($39.99)
86. Screen Creator Deluxe 7.0
$19.99 $17.65
87. Aquazone Jellies, Turtles And
$24.49 list($89.99)
88. WinFax Pro 10.0
$19.88 $18.51 list()
89. Ultra Wincleaner One-Click Back-Up
90. On-Track System Suite 4.0
$42.99 $24.40 list($49.99)
91. Ten for X
$19.00 $17.77 list($49.99)
92. System Mechanic 4
93. MOBILE SYSTEMS Oxford Crossword
$49.88 list($69.99)
94. V-Com System Commander 7.0
95. MOBILE SYSTEMS Pocket Oxford English
96. Dataviz SMARTLIST TO GO V3.0 (
$24.99 $9.99 list($29.99)
97. Aladdin Spring Cleaning 3.0
$29.28 list($29.99)
98. Fix It 5.0
$19.99 $19.83 list($29.99)
99. NoviiRemote
100. ARCMEDIA WindowsCE Games 3000

81. McAfee Anti-Spyware Version 1.0/Firewall Version 6.0/QuickClean Version 5 Bundle
list price: $39.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0006N8SQO
Catlog: Software
Manufacturer: Mcafee Associates, Inc.
Sales Rank: 2265
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

McAfee Anti Spyware:

Eliminate malicious applications before they can steal your identity.

Is someone tracking your every online move? Essential protection for today's security-conscious Internet user, McAfee AntiSpyware quickly detects then safely eliminates malicious applicationse.g., key loggers, remote-control programs, browser hijackershiding on your system before they can rob your identity, snatch passwords or monitor browsing activity when you surf or shop. Erasing online roadblocks, McAfee AntiSpyware also foils adware programs that trigger annoying advertisements and sap system performance.


  • Auto-Protect:Exclusive! Identifies and alerts users when malicious programs launch. The alert includes easy reading actionable text. Users are provided options from program termination program scanning and removal.
  • Extensive Program Database:With one of the most comprehensive databases for malicious programs, users will receive new updates on a regular basis. The malicious program database is updated continuously and users will be alerted to retrieve updates in a timely manner.
  • Safe Program Removal:Identifies and removes adware, spyware, and key logging programs entirely, including entries in the Windows Registry, and other area where programs leave remnants. Multiple removal methods provide the most flexible, convenient and safe removal available.
  • Restore Removed Programs:Easily restore programs that have been removed. This includes restoration of recently removed programs
  • Streamlined User Interface:Provides detailed information at-a-glance including live scanning and detection statistics, number of detections, last updates, news and information and easy access to settings changes.
  • Uninstall Flexibility:Users are provided the choice to uninstall the program using that program_s uninstaller, or McAfee ... Read more

82. Desktop to Go for Palm 2.5 DVD Pkg
list price: $49.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004RJY5
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Dataviz
Sales Rank: 8351
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

83. Steganos Security Suite 6.0
list price: $59.95
our price: $44.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000213ZBI
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Global Marketing Partners
Sales Rank: 2116
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Encryption software holds up to 128 GB of sensitive data
  • Safely transport encrypted data and access it from anywhere
  • Internet Trace Destructor deletes even more traces
  • One-click-destruction and automatic deletion after surfing
  • Deep-cleaning shredder completely removes unwanted files

84. MOBILE SYSTEMS Oxford English-Spanish Pro Dictionary

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00027M6LC
Catlog: CE
Sales Rank: 42891
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Each dictionary article includes a headword, pronunciation and part of speech description
  • Also covers inflected forms, example phrases and sentences
  • Stylish interface offers multiple color schemes
  • New compression algorithms means more data stored in a smaller space, for a more effective portable dictionary

85. Zone Alarm Pro 4
list price: $39.99
our price: $39.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00009APND
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Broderbund
Sales Rank: 2428
Average Customer Review: 3.35 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (40)

5-0 out of 5 stars As good as ever
Various versions of Zone Alarm have been protecting my desktop for a couple of years now, and I see no reason to change my choice of firewall software in the foreseeable future.

As a frequenter of Internet security websites (such as the excellent, I was first introduced to the powerful, yet simple firewall known for its ease of configuration, and rock solid protection. I am not an employee of Zone Labs, nor do I receive any compensation for my endorsement. I am simply a satisfied customer who truly believes in the product.

Zone alarm was the first firewall software on the market to offer true "internet stealth." or a close as one can reasonably hope to achieve in cyberspace. Nothing short of disconnecting your pc from the net offers total protection, but Zone Alarm offers your best defense.

Firewalls in general have been notorious for they're hard to configure nature. Most novice users find that the software seems to do its job too well, blocking things that they may wish to use. For most of these users, choosing the "medium" security setting seems to offer the best balance of security vs. freedom. I've always kept mine on the highest settings without incident, but other reviewers here have voiced concerns that doing so hindered such things as online games.

For the most part, Zone Alarm is easy to use, but like any other software, a little investigation on your part will go a long way. The tutorial is great for walking first timers through the paces, and I still take the time to look it over with each new release of the product.

In addition to offering protection from break-ins, Zone Alarm has a couple other nice features such as built in ad blocking, and email file attachment protection for added piece of mind.

In all, the product is excellent in all respects, and does what it is supposed to do... protect your computer. I give it the game boi's highest recommendation.


1-0 out of 5 stars XP Users Beware!
I do not recommend either the download from web version or this boxed version.

Zone Alarm caused Windows XP Professional system errors (that caused my computer to memory dump and shutdown). The firewall and virus did not detect late June 2004 virus, which corrupted my computer. After extensive research on tech blog boards, I found that the software was the cause of my system failures / errors.

While not the only effective firewall and virus package out there, I personally found Norton easier to use and effective. I recommend free download of Stinger tool (do a web search on Google). I also do not recommend MacFee which the Sasser C & F virus did not detect - even with daily updates.

When all else fails, have the information nearby on how to reload your operating system (Dell has it on their site). In addition, keep latest worm removal tools on a memory stick or CDROM just in case your firewall does not catch the latest bug.

My first two virus invasions, I was able to use removal tools available free on the web. The last one (late June) I could only remove the invader by reformatting my memory stick and reinstalling my operating system.

If your system begins dragging, there is a good possibility that is has a virus! Be prepared.

2-0 out of 5 stars ZoneAlarm Pro "User"
I've had ZoneAlarm Pro for about 18 months on my home computer. Unfortunately, some of the recent upgrades to the product now block me from accessing my HP printer. I checked on the internet and quite a few other people are having the same problem. I put ZoneAlarm Pro on my work computer and it caused connectivity problems and the IT folks at work needed to remove the application. I can no longer use the product because of the problems it causes.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Home protection !
I Love Zone Alarm, for home systems. When I install an O.S., I immediately insatll Norton's Anti-virus & Zone Alarm, before connecting the computer to the internet. Then, as each application asks permission to use the connection to the internet, I either Accept or Decline the request. For a couple of days, this can be a bit annoying, and frustrates people who want to quickly show you something on the internet--but, overall this is a good thing. If you take a few days to Install, Update and configure Zone Alarm, on a home system, you Rarely find any Spyware or Adware in the system (unless you click the wrong buttons or download things you chould't from the internet). I have been *very* pleased with Zone Alarm--even if it frustrates my friends.

Personally, I would rather take a little extra time to Accept or Deny a program's access to the internet, than wasting all the time it takes to clean-up a system that is infested with Spyware, Adware, etc.

Sometimes, I must spend over an hour removing Spyware, Adware and restarting virus protection, remotely, on corporate systems (that are running McAffee and a dummed-down firewall).

One thing people need to realize is that A.V. protection is just ONE of the major requirements for running a Windows system. Currently, if you are not running A.V. protection, a Firewall (!!!), Microsoft Updates and "Spybot Search & Destroy" (or a similar Spyware / Adware removal tool that is well-tested), your system is destined for Doom.

A good combination, for great protection, is : "Norton Antivirus 2004 Professional," by Symantec & "Zone Alarm." However, if you do not do the Microsoft Updates, your system will be toast, regardless, and you can plan on a lot of O.S. re-installations.

I also recommend using a Router with a built-in firewall, in combination with Zone Alarm, but the average person needs at-least Zone Alarm.

"An ounce of Protection is worth a pound of Cure."

3-0 out of 5 stars A decent firewall until the latest release...
I would have to say this is one of the better firewalls out there*. I've done some research between ZA (ZoneAlarm), Norton, BlackIce, Tiny, and Sygate. ZA seemed to be the most stable, had the highest user ratings, and good set of features for the money. They even have a free version (trimmed down somewhat of course).

*The caveat to this review is that the latest version -v5.0.590.015, is the most unstable version of software I've ever used. It caused all sorts of problems on my system and a lot of wasted time. I've been up to their support forum and there are TONS of other users with all different types of problems with the latest version. I'm pretty disappointed with the QA that went into that version - seems like there wasn't any. I've had ZA since its 3.x release (about a year or so) and up to this point have been pretty pleased.

Rating up to the latest release - solid "A"
Rating for the latest release - "D-" and that might be generous.

If you're planning on picking up ZA, just wait for the next release. ... Read more

86. Screen Creator Deluxe 7.0
list price: $39.99
our price: $12.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000068II4
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Individual Software
Sales Rank: 1903
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Perfect tool for creating personalized screen savers
  • Showcases digital photos, sound, or animations
  • Makes 2D or 3D presentations or photo albums
  • Create a page turning photo album with music
  • Link different songs to separate photos

87. Aquazone Jellies, Turtles And More
list price: $19.99
our price: $19.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00094OT3Q
Catlog: Video Games
Manufacturer: Allume
Sales Rank: 6388
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Aquazone Jellies, Turtles & More - Have you always dreamed of owning an fish tank for your home, filled with exotic jellyfish, sea turtles, and more? Species impossible to get for a home aquarium and even trickier to maintain? Your dream has come true! Aquazone is the virtual aquarium that delivers a state-of-the-art digital aquarium for your PC! An aquarium so vibrant, so life-like, you will swear the fish are real!

It’s so easy! No complicated set-up or clean up is required! Just pick your favorite tank and as many of your favorite jelly fish, or other sea creatures from those provided, and you are on your way to becoming a connoisseur of aquatic wildlife!

Aquazone Jellies, Turtles & More includes:

  • 9 different species of jellyfish, sea turtles, nautili and others.
  • 8 different tanks - each with unique plantlife and coral!
  • Fill the screen with of one or more species - allows as many fish onscreen as your computer can handle!
  • Beautiful, realistic day and night lighting conditions
  • Digital foodfeed them and watch them eat
  • Tapping on the glasswatch as the fish watch you
  • Fish camclosely follow your favorite fish friends
  • Soothing sound effects
  • Your choice of 8 photorealistic backgrounds
  • Wireframe, fully rendered, or silhouette mode
  • Pop-up interfacecustomize your aquarium on the fly
... Read more

88. WinFax Pro 10.0
list price: $89.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0006BA27E
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Symantec
Sales Rank: 56674
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

89. Ultra Wincleaner One-Click Back-Up

our price: $19.88
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000129TUO
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Enteractive Inc.
Sales Rank: 8817
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Back up to any media -CD-R, CD-R/W, floppy, Zip or another hard drive
  • Flexible Restore brings back any individual file or folder -- or an entire drive
  • Windisk Alert silently monitors our hard drive and gives a warning when the disk is unreliable
  • Powerful compression tools store, encrypt and protect your data onto a single CD
  • Never lose vital data again -- pictures, MP3s, recipes, screensavers, websites, personal correspondence, medical & financial records. all saved and stored for certain!

90. On-Track System Suite 4.0

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000060NVS
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Vcom
Sales Rank: 4302
Average Customer Review: 3.71 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Seven utilities, fully integrated into one suite. Ontrack SystemSuite 4.0 is a complete solution for PC maintenance and security. Ontrack SystemSuite includes more than 50 powerful utilities to fix, maintain, diagnose, protect, optimize, recover, and manage a PC with Windows. New features in version 4.0 include an advanced personal firewall, improved antivirus protection, easy one-step maintenance wizards, a PC clock synchronizer, a Windows error message tracker, and much, much more.

Users can fix, tune up, and maintain their PC with Fix-It Utilities. Get complete antivirus protection with VirusScanner Pro. NetDefense is an advanced personal firewall, helping keep hackers out and personal data in. Uninstall unwanted programs, files, and Internet clutter with EasyUninstall. Protect and prevent a PC from crashing with CrashProof. Permanently remove data from an entire hard drive or specified partitions with DataEraser Personal Edition. Use Crisis Center to recover deleted files and information. Manage files with PowerDesk 4 Pro and run a system benchmark test with WinBench 99. It's all included in one package. ... Read more

Reviews (24)

5-0 out of 5 stars superb piece of software

5-0 out of 5 stars Far better than Norton 2002 for Windows XP
After buying versions of Norton Systemworks including the 2002 version, I noticed that this package got a much higher rating than Norton Systemworks in a review by PC Magazine. So I decided to give it a try because some of the Norton utilities that I liked are not available to WinXP users. The jewel of the Ontrack Suite is a program called Registry Fixer. It finds and safely fixes (with the user's approval) many more potential problems than Norton WinDoctor. And the Ontrack Cleanup programs also do a much better job than Norton Cleansweep at finding and safely deleting many unneeded files. The first time you run the Registry Fixer or Cleanup, you'll be amazed at how many potential registry issues and deletable files are detected (even if you run these programs immediately after running the comparable Norton Systemworks programs). Norton dominates the market so much that I think they've gotten complacent (maybe arrogant) about keeping at the cutting edge in developing system utilities for Windows XP. All in all, when comparing Norton Systemworks and Ontrack System Suite 4, I think only the Norton Antivirus component and the Norton Speed Disk component are superior to the comparable programs in the Ontrack suite. If you're looking for a powerful set of tools to stablize and clean up your system, then I recommend this one without hesitation. And if you're a Windows XP user, then this suite offers so much more than Norton 2002.

4-0 out of 5 stars Virus Updates Still Coming Out
Bought the product partially based on the reviews on this site. Was worried about product support based on what people said. But since loading it just 4 days ago, the EasyUpdate feature has found two virus definition updates to download, including the latest virus that hit the news only yesterday! I am reassured. Also was reassured when it installed well and when I see how much lower the drag is on my computer's resources versus the combination of Norton SystemWorks and Norton Internet Security.

4-0 out of 5 stars I still use BOTH systemsuite AND systemworks
As a pc support tech, I have both products, Norton Systemworks pro AND Vcom systemsuite.

Systemsuite almost always finds A LOT more registry and startup problems that norton's Windoctor ever could.

On the other hand, systemsuite's Jetdefrag utility will sometimes stop, due to finding a hard drive error, telling you to run CHKDSK /F.
You would think that systemsuite's own diskfixer would do the same thing as CHKDSK, but that is NOT the case.
Diskfixer will tell you that ALL IS WELL.
But you go to run Jetdefrag and the drive error rears it's ugly head again.
So you really do have to run CHKDSK to fix any serious hard drive errors, when using systemsuite.

Whereas Norton's disk doctor seems to work EXACTLY the same as CHKDSK does.

As for scheduling drive defragging, sysytemsuite lets you select
ALL or ANY of the drives, on one screen.

Norton's defrag let's you pick a single drive OR you have to use the scheduler, in order to defrag multiple drives at one time.

I suggest having BOTH utility packages in your arsonal.

5-0 out of 5 stars This product does what it claims
AND it does it well! The firewall is by Sygate, the Antivirus is by Trend (FREE AV updates! - At least I've never been asked for any sort of subscription fee). Auto update works well. All utilities First Rate. Very Good Customer service as well.

I had two related issues, Cust service wise. The first was I had a problem with the firewall interfering with Musicmatch Jukebox. I emailed them about it and got a nice (and polite) email back stating they were aware of the issue but it was a known compatibility issue between Sygate & MMJB but they (VCom) felt that they were sticking with Sygate because of the level of protection it provides.

I felt they understood my concern but that they felt the level of protection would be compromised by resolving it.(The MMJB people were much less polite -So I found a new media player. Good media players are easier to find than reliable utilities.)

The second issue was related to the above. In the course of tracking down the problems with MMJB I had deleted most of SystemSuite4. So when I tried to reinstall the complete software package, it wouldn't load. My CD disk was corrupted or something. Again I contacted them, and 2 days later I had authorization to download a new copy. No hassle - No run around. ... Read more

91. Ten for X
list price: $49.99
our price: $42.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00006GTDT
Catlog: Software
Manufacturer: Aladdin Systems
Sales Rank: 4571
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Ten for X, from Aladdin Systems, is a suite of utilities designed to help Mac OS X users get the most from Macintosh's powerful operating system. This suite includes registered versions of Alarm Clock SE, FruitMenu, iClean, ideaSpiral X, LaunchBar, LimeWire Pro, piPop, Pseudo, PrintMagic X, WindowShade X, and Xounds.

Alarm Clock SE is the ultimate alarm clock for OS X. With its complex alarm system you will be able to create alarms that fit even the most complicated schedules. Wake up to songs, run shell scripts and AppleScripts whenever you want, and never miss an appointment again. iClean helps you protect your privacy by covering your computer tracks. iClean also helps regain disk space and boost performance by clearing computer and Internet files that are often hidden. LaunchBar provides lightning-fast access to thousands of files, Web bookmarks, e-mail addresses, and applications just by entering short abbreviations. LimeWire enables you to search for and share computer files with anyone on the Internet. LimeWire is compatible with the Gnutella file-sharing protocol and can connect with anyone else running Gnutella-compatible software.

piPop (formerly known as piDock) lets you navigate files and launch programs easily using hierarchical menus for navigation. Pseudo is a drag-and-drop application that allows you to launch other applications on the OS X desktop as the system administrator. Just drop an application icon onto the Pseudo icon, or into the drop target window, then enter your password and the program will be launched with administrative privileges. Finally, Xounds brings back Appearance/Sounds to Mac OS X. Overall, Ten for X rounds up cool, top-rated Mac OS X utilities and delivers them to you in one convenient package at one great price. ... Read more

92. System Mechanic 4
list price: $49.99
our price: $19.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000AZVVO
Catlog: Software
Publisher: IOLO Technologies
Sales Rank: 1422
Average Customer Review: 2 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Reviews (8)

1-0 out of 5 stars BE AWARE, BE VERY AWARE!!
I have used SystemSuite from both Ontrack and V-Com for many years and have enjoyed both, for their basic use and excellent tools. I decided to try System Mechanic 4, with a coupon, and WHAT a mistake I made. The suite does clear out misc files out of the computer, but be aware, be VERY aware of what is being eliminated. The Suite will eliminate needed OS files if you are not aware and before you know it, your system is down and out. I tried to be as careful as I could be, but I had to use my GOBACK from Roxio to restore to a prior working condition. The big thing about System Mechanic is that it does not redflag any needed files prior to deletion. It just throws all the deleted files together and it is up to you to decide which one's will go. After approx 2 weeks of use, I uninstalled and round filed this useless software, since I spent more time looking at everything that was going to be cleaned from my computer than just allowing this software to do its job. DO not trust this software, unless you have System Restore software installed.

1-0 out of 5 stars Stay Away from this Stinker
I bought this hot steaming pile of poo at Walmart, installed it, ran some of the utilities, and voila! I had to reinstall Windows XP!!

I believe it deleted some critical registry items (I should have known better, so shame on me).

I couldn't wait to uninstall this crappy program.

Don't walk - RUN away from this one.

1-0 out of 5 stars $30 price, spent $30 too much
This program is by far one of the worst utility programs I've used. I have had it for six months, and already have had to download several revisions. The Disk Defrag program is terrible, reporting 25-30% defragmentation when Windows XP Defrag and Diskeeper 7.0 finds minimal defragmentation. SM4 Defrag has also 'found' corrupt space on the HD, while Scandisk says all is good. This is only the beginning......

I ran the Registry Cleaner program and it removed critical registry portions that are needed to start windows. Probably my mistake, but when you have over 500 lines of registry to review you'd think you could trust it just a little bit. I ended up saving my computer with a tech friend's help, but now I avoid that button like the plague.

I can really find nothing good about this program that isn't already on Windows XP, or that you can't get for free somewhere else on the Net. At least I only lost 30 bucks, buyer beware!

3-0 out of 5 stars Probably not worth the upgrade
Before you spend your hard earned cash on the upgrade or outright purchase, read this and the other reviews.

I have been a loyal user of Iolo products for quite some time (SM3 and MacroMagic). So, when my web update told me about a new release, I had no problem shelling out the $30 upgrade price. Now I'm kind of wishing I had come here first to check out other reviews, because guess what, Defrag problems.

Just like another reviewer here, SM4 told me my drive was 37% fragmented, when the XP tool said don't worry about it. My HD is a 40Gig and was about 50% full. I started the process at 3:00 p.m and by morning the process was still running, after 36 HOURS it was still running. Finally, I stopped it out of sheer fear that a HD constantly working for 36 would kill my computer for sure. So I waited a couple of days and tried the Quick defragment (instead of the Optimized). Same result. Took forever, however, this time the program popped up an error box indicating to run Scandisk because their program can't defrag my HD! Well, I ran scandisk and NO ERRORS found (physical or logical). And their Spyware removal tool is a joke. Stick with Ad-Aware and Spybot for that.

I did like the RAM recovery and defrag feature in this version though.

The interface/GUI is much nicer than the previous versions, but I'm kind of feeling that I paid for a prettier looking program, other than a more functional one.

2-0 out of 5 stars Disk Defrag element is a waste of space
I bought this product as a whim, hoping to get a complete registry fixer/defragmentation program. The registry 'fixer' portion works pretty good, but the disk defrag program is horrendous compared to even the basic defrag program that comes with XP. I ran diskeeper, windows xp defragmentation, and system mechanic 4's defrag program. XP and diskeeper stated that my drive wasn't even defragmented, while SM4's stated it was about 10% defragmented. The choice between quick and optimized defragmentation is a waste, as well. The optimized defragmentation program states it 'packs' all your data to the front of the drive, thus lessening future defragmentation. Well, I started it at 10 PM, woke up at 7 AM, and the defragmentation was STILL not complete. The rest of the programs are at most partially helpful, as most of their functions can be found in better shareware/freeware programs. ... Read more

93. MOBILE SYSTEMS Oxford Crossword Dictionary

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00027M6LW
Catlog: CE
Sales Rank: 10452
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Innovative MSDict Viewer combines high data compression for memory restricted devices with a fast search algorithm and user-friendly interface
  • Text font remapping for dynamic change of font sizes
  • Advanced searching and filtering features for finding the right word, every time
  • Dynamic word history list for each session
  • Add custom notes to any article in the dictionary

94. V-Com System Commander 7.0
list price: $69.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005V140
Catlog: Software
Publisher: V-Communications
Sales Rank: 4883
Average Customer Review: 2.86 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • OS manager and disk partition package
  • Supports every PC-compatible OS
  • Automatic preparation for adding OSes
  • Safely resize, create, move and copy for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, Linux and DOS partitions
  • Undo partitioning if needed

Reviews (14)

2-0 out of 5 stars It is cheap, but you get what you pay for.
I purchased disk commander to be installed on my Windows XP machines with NTFS partitions. The software immediatly will hide any non-booting partitions from Windows, that are not recoverabe via Windows XP.

Thus I lost a drive and all its data. Luckily, I had made boot disk number 2 and was able to get it back. Note, during this process, I ran out and bought Partition Magic that doesnt have these hokie issues.

ANyway, getting the drive back was not as easy as this sounds, since the software didnt tell me it was hiding a partition, it took me a day or so of panic to figure out what the software did.

I dont recommend this to anyone that are using Multiple NTFS partitions. In fact, I have 'circular filed' this app and now use partition magic.

4-0 out of 5 stars It's good, but it needs work...
I purchased System Commander 7 in hopes of studying (trying out) RedHat Linux 8 while running my normal WinXP. After the installation, the ride was a little bumpy; several restarts before the freezing stopped. After that, everything worked great for both RH8 and WinXP. Then I decided to run Norton Speed Disk on my WinXP partition (NTFS). After I finished, I rebooted and boom, the MBR was ruined. Apparently, Norton had moved a critical file belonging to SC7 and rendered my XP partition toast. I used the XP recovery utility with fixmbr and fixboot, but the partition would never boot again. I removed the partition, and made a new one... installing XP on top plus SC7. Now everything is working normal again. However, in the end I had data loss (most of what I recovered). Luckily, most of my files run off another independent drive.

All in all, I valued the chance to run Linux in dual boot with XP and just had to put up with the little quirks of SC7 that caused me problems. Number one rule, backup is HIGHLY recommended when using SC7 (and they are not kidding). :)

5-0 out of 5 stars This is great!
I have tried similar products, but this one can handle any kind of setup, old or new - EIDE or SCSI drives - and more. It has very good documentation and is easy to use. I am running four O/Ss on my machine and the partition manager is very reliable and easy to understand. If you are a tinkerer, like I am, you will love this product.

5-0 out of 5 stars Veteran
This is another veteran of PC utilities although this one is not really a necessity unless you need to test other operating systems and only have one PC. It performs as advertised but configuring and installing the other OS's may not be as straighforward and easy for some.

4-0 out of 5 stars Get a clue.
This is a good product. I have seen negative reviews concerning this product on this site, but, unfortunately they are written by people who don't know what they're doing. Therefore the reviews are misleading, to say the least.
Referring to the two negative reviews I've seen: 1)If anyone ever decides to partition their hard drive without creating a backup first is asking for BIG trouble - sooner or later.
2)If you are trying to do ANYTHING with Windows 98, you need to wake up and smell the new millenium. GET A CLUE. Your inexperience has nothing to do with the quality of a product. ... Read more

95. MOBILE SYSTEMS Pocket Oxford English Dictionary

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00027M6KI
Catlog: CE
Sales Rank: 25769
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  • In-text lists and tables that focus on core study subjects
  • Usage notes included, for clear guidance on points of grammar and usage
  • Special pronunciation feature for sounding out new and unfamiliar words
  • WordBuilder informs users on related words, as well as countries, chemical elements, and nationalities
  • Greater explanation of etymologies

96. Dataviz SMARTLIST TO GO V3.0 ( 765205-012769 )

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0001ZJRK8
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Dataviz, Inc.
Sales Rank: 37459
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

97. Aladdin Spring Cleaning 3.0
list price: $29.99
our price: $24.99
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Asin: B0000C3GWG
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Aladdin
Sales Rank: 2521
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • One-click PC clean-up with easy-to-use tools
  • Boost performance; regain MBs of disk space
  • Delete duplicates; archive programs; undo actions
  • Uninstall, backup, and restore; transfer programs between PCs
  • Fix Windows registry errors; one-window access to all tools

98. Fix It 5.0
list price: $29.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000A0S2K
Catlog: Software
Publisher: V-Communications
Sales Rank: 1179
Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars
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  • Complete package of utilities to optimize your system's performance
  • Finds and prevents problems before they occur, and provides easy, schedulable maintenance
  • DiskCleaner and DiskFixer regain wasted disk space and repair hard disk problems
  • FixWizards provide simple, one-step processes to handle all regular maintenance tasks
  • VirusScanner Pro helps protect your PC from a wide range of viruses

Reviews (5)

5-0 out of 5 stars Better than that other suite
I'm extreamly pleased with Fix-it Utilities. I once purchased norton system utilities and I returned it the next day, V-com fix-it utilities actually does what norton said it would. I think the regestry utilities included are great. The reg cleaner, defragger worked well, and didnt cause any system errors like other products I've tried. I haven't switched to the antivirus from the product I use now, but even without the antivirus this suite of utilities is a bargain.

5-0 out of 5 stars Very Good program
This is and excellent program but for money I would go for the systemsuite. It is the same with a lot more features, options and six trial programs for about the same price. I'm the proud owner of both programs and I highly recommend both.

5-0 out of 5 stars Better than Norton
This program offers all of the features offered by Systemworks (anti-virus, disk defrag, windows maintenance, etc.), but has a Registry Fixer that catches registry errors that Systemworks misses (there are literally hundreds of them). It then lists them as green, yellow and red (depernding upon how critical they may be to your system) so that you can decide which to delete. It also offers a Registry Defrag feature (unavailable on Norton), to optimize registry performance. These two features alone justify the cost of the product.

While it does offer anti-virus protection, it does not include a firewall, anti-spam or spyware blocking. For these features, the best program is PC-cillin Internet Security 2004.

5-0 out of 5 stars A good product, however.
Personally I'd go the extra few bucks and buy the upgraded product from this company, their Systemsuite 5.0

It's easier than upgrading later.

5-0 out of 5 stars Much, much better than ....
I switched from the leading utility when a) they started to charge for anti-virus signature updates, and 2) the auto-update stopped working with no fixes available. The latter was, of course, critically important,especially since my children were not able to download updates manually. (Of course, it has always been possible to get the latest anti-virus signatures without the fee if you knew the trick, but I really resented the extra fee. It began to feel like buying their software was paying to get the right to pay more, and more, and more... )

The Fix-It utilities are much better. The defragmentation module is very fast, as is the disk integrity check. These are the most commonly run tasks.

In addition the Powerdesk utility included (and also sold separately)has itself won several awards for being superior to the Windows Explorer. The dual pane window makes moving files much easier and the preview pane is enormously helpful when file name are not sufficiently descriptive.

Highly recommended! ... Read more

99. NoviiRemote
list price: $29.99
our price: $19.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000VBUMQ
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Global Marketing Partners
Sales Rank: 2142
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • Easily control all home-entertainment equipment
  • Pre-installed infrared codes for many popular devices
  • Enhanced infrared driver for greater range of operation
  • Easy installation; get up and running in moments
  • Superior interface, vibrant colors, customizable programming

100. ARCMEDIA WindowsCE Games 3000 (Windows)

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000WDXGQ
Catlog: Video Games
Publisher: Arcmedia
Sales Rank: 6371
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


  • With over 1,200 games in 10 different categories, you're sure to find the right game for you, no matter what your tastes
  • Choose from a set of great action, arcade, and strategy games
  • Play your favorite board, puzzle and card games
  • Tile games, miscellaneous games, game packs and much more -- all waiting for you
  • Easy-to-use menu software makes selecting a favorite game easy

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