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21. VB6 Programming Starter Kit
22. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise
23. Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic
24. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Learning
25. Microsoft AE VB.NET STD 2003-WIN32

21. VB6 Programming Starter Kit

Asin: B00001SVEF
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Macmillan Publishing USA
Sales Rank: 6204
Average Customer Review: 3.33 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

VB6 Programming Starter Kit lets you learn to program in Visual Basic without investing in expensive programming tools. This kit provides all the resources needed to learn the popular Windows programming language Visual Basic. The software includes a special instructional version of VB--Microsoft Visual Basic 6--plus step-by-step, self-paced electronic tutorials and a no-nonsense Visual Basic book. ... Read more


  • Learn to program in Visual Basic without investing in expensive programming tools
  • All the resources you need to learn the popular Windows programming language Visual Basic
  • Special instructional version of VB--Microsoft Visual Basic 6
  • Step-by-step, self-paced electronic tutorials, and a no-nonsense Visual Basic book

Reviews (3)

3-0 out of 5 stars Unsatisfactory
This package lack's two main features. It does not contain any help files and it does not compile. If I knew that it didn't contain help I would have never bought it. The package includes a basic introductory book which is not bad. Another book is included on the cd rom( this book is actually a more substantial one).
If you have windows Xp I would strongly recommend to buy the standard.

3-0 out of 5 stars OK for starting, but missing some features
I was disappointed that the descriptions and reviews of this product did not point out that the software cannot compile (a feature of VB) and is missing some other features so that an upgrade to VB is necessary to gain all features use. Otherwise, the book and software are good to get down VB basics.

4-0 out of 5 stars good for all levels
i have been programing in vb for about 3 years now and i bought this book and found it very useful. I was taught alot although i did skip a lesson here and there. This book looked at all aspects of programing and basicly everything you will need for your projects. I then passed this book onto my friend who has no programing experince at all. In a few weeks he was programing almost as good as me. So i like to recomend this to all levels of the programing scene. ... Read more

22. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect
list price: $2,499.00
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005S812
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Microsoft
Sales Rank: 5998
Average Customer Review: 3.78 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

Microsoft's .NET Framework for creating software applications holds tremendous promise, but it also introduces new challenges. Simply put, because .NET applications are distributed, pieces of them run on many separate computers and usually involve elaborate databases with many interlinked tables. Often, there are several human interfaces, at least one of which is served over a Web connection.

When you're building such elaborate systems, you need specialists. Which means you--the architect--need to make your specialists work as a team. You need to make each specialist aware of how their piece fits into the larger system, and allow each expert maximum room for creativity while ensuring that they comply with quality standards and documentation rules. The best tool available for marshaling specialists toward a comprehensive .NET application of professional quality is Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect (VSEA). It gives project leads the tools they need to think big thoughts while remaining sufficiently close to the coding to ensure their proper implementation.

To begin, VSEA incorporates the new Visual Studio .NET development environment completely. All of the tools in Microsoft's latest IDE--code editor, debugger, object browser, database browser--are present in this edition. If you have implementation responsibilities of your own, or if you're one of those project leads who goes hands-on to solve low-level problems, VSEA provides you with the tools you need.

VSEA also ships with the goodies that come with Visual Studio Enterprise Developer: Visual SourceSafe and developer-licensed copies of Windows 2000 Advanced Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Commerce Server, and Host Integration Server. VSEA owners will get .NET Server when it's released. In addition, VSEA tops Enterprise Developer's offerings with a developer's edition of BizTalk Server.

There's also an attractive set of utilities for designing applications, roughing out application framework, and publishing standards for use by specialist programmers. This is where VSEA really shines, and where it earns its premium price. If you put the architectural tools to good use, your organization stands to realize a great return on investment in the form of increased team efficiency, higher quality, and satisfied deadlines.

VSEA allows you to use Microsoft Visio to design your applications and the databases that underlie them. It's true that you can generate Unified Modeling Language (UML) and database schematics in the standalone version of Visio Professional; but VSEA provides enormous time savings by allowing you to convert your diagrams into actual code. You can create a UML diagram in Visio, then use it to generate a code skeleton--all required class outlines, with inheritance, properties, and methods in place--in C++, C#, or Visual Basic. You can then publish the generated skeleton to your programming team for fleshing out. This is the role that Rational Visual Modeler plays (or used to play) for many developers.

Database modeling in VSEA is even cooler, because you can either export your schematic diagrams as Data Definition Language (DDL) code, or hook into an actual database server via an ODBC or OLE DB connection and generate the tables you've modeled in Visio. It's extraordinarily efficient. In fact, VSEA blurs the lines that have traditionally separated design, implementation, and documentation.

VSEA supports an XML-based language called Template Description Language (TDL), with which you can dictate characteristics of project files in more junior programmers's Visual Studio .NET environments. You can use TDL policies to turn off elements of the Visual Studio workspace, for example. Similarly, policies allow you to preset properties of code elements (such as database connections) that programmers can include as modules in their projects. You can also use TDL to describe the contents of team members's New Project windows, adding code snippets and reference materials alongside starter projects with policies attached.

Be aware that TDL policies may only be interpreted by users of Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Developer; they're not meaningful to users of standalone Visual Studio .NET. Also, be prepared to edit the TDL files manually, as Microsoft hasn't provided good tools for writing and modifying them. Setting up developer environments is a big job that has a huge effect on the later success of your project. It's sort of like tooling up a factory before a production run, so be prepared to spend some time setting policies, writing reference material, and configuring your TDL policies.

Is VSEA worthwhile? The answer depends in part on how well you set your policies, and on your development team's eagerness to use centrally managed reference materials and design advice. Embraced wholeheartedly by a large team, VSEA is not just the only show in town for team development of .NET applications--it's a powerful tool for realizing the vision of a software designer. --David Wall ... Read more

Reviews (9)

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best Tool For The Programming World!
Most of you reading this review will have used a Microsoft Compiler before, or a Borland product. If you have yet to experience .NET, you are missing out big time.

Interface (2 sections):
First Impressions 8/10 - I started up Visual Studio .NET only to see everything... EVERYTHING has been changed in some way. The reason why this gets an 8 is because it does not do well with new people coming to this product. But once you learn the interface and can get used to it:
Current Impressiosn 10/10 - You will find that it is much more productive interface than Visual Studio 6. Now if your coming from Borland products, you will find that C# and VB is great, and can compete directly with Borland.

Usefullness: 9/10 - It is just amazing how much you can do with this program, although it does have a few drawbacks, UML for example, but this can be overlooked.

Value: 8/10 - If you can afford it, but the reason I gave it an 8, is because it is expensive, and most people will not be able to afford this product, but those that are able to do so, should. Maybe in a few years, this will replace VS 6 in price :D

Final Score 9/10 - If you use C++, Visual Basic, or even the great C# that has just come out, you will love this product. The optimization is great.

Final Words: Buy it, if not this, at least Visual Studio 6, but VS .NET wins the battle of the two!

3-0 out of 5 stars Great product, but look at the requirements!
I come from a Visual Basic (3 and newer) and C/C++ background doing a great deal of development under both Windows and Unix. The software looks great and is quite user friendly (for a development environment). My biggest concern is the sheer size of the tool and the runtime environment. Among other things, I am a shareware author and a great number of prospective customers do not yet have the .NET runtime, which is a 24 MB download. Though I would not think twice about downloading such a file, those who are still dialing up to the Internet might think twice.

Overall, nice tool, but I am not yet convinced it is the most prudent tool for me and Visual Studio 6 is going to have a long lifetime despite this successor.

5-0 out of 5 stars Outstanding
The most "programming" I've ever done was a bit of server-side JavaScript - but with the IDE and the online help, I've had no problem sitting down and just chugging away at C#. The problem someone noted about needing an interpreter is incorrect: the Native Code Compiler included with the .NET SDK (installed with VS or available separately) can compile Microsoft's IL into machine code for Windows.

Definitely worth the learning curve if this is your thing!

4-0 out of 5 stars Great IDE, but UML support is terrible
Great, functional IDE for true object-oriented development.

However, the UML support is held together by glue and scotch tape with the included version of Visio 2002. Very poorly done, tedious and will not let you perform continuous round-trip engineering.

For an outstanding UML/Editor solution, check out Together Control Center. Although written and focused towards Java, it is capable of modeling and generating C# and VB.NET code.

2-0 out of 5 stars I don't think .NET is that great
All .NET languages need interpretor. Even C.NET which is a shame. Such language as C usually used to develop apps closely interacting with OS. So there will be even less interaction between user created apps and system because now Microsoft tells us to do everything through interpreter. Just like crippled Java does! But difference between stuff written in Java and C is that you know what your C application does, but you can never be sure about your Java application because there is interpreter between you and system, another buggy layer that controls you and that you cannot control. I agree .NET might be convinient way for people who like everything easy or are afraid to explore, but The biggest flow is that it takes control out of your hands convincing you that you are in control.
Usual Microsofts trick! ... Read more

23. Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Development
list price: $99.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00002S9IW
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Microsoft
Sales Rank: 6396
Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Microsoft Mastering Series titles are content-rich, self-paced, interactive training tools designed to help you quickly master application development with Microsoft tools and technologies. With the Microsoft Mastering Series self-paced training approach, you'll learn exactly the skills you want, the way you want, when you want. You can follow a structured course; do labs; see narrated demos; use sample code, reference articles, and more; or use the powerful search engine to go straight to the information you need to solve immediate problems. With Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6, you'll learn how to create advanced database applications using COM components and Microsoft ActiveX Controls. Use the newly integrated Microsoft Visual Database Tools to reduce your development time. ... Read more

Reviews (1)

4-0 out of 5 stars MASTERING VISUAL BASIC 6

24. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition
list price: $109.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00002SFK8
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Microsoft
Sales Rank: 3849
Average Customer Review: 3.41 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Review

Visual Basic has gained popularity over time because of its ease of useand easy acquisition. It's a hearty language, and allows for both stand-aloneWindows programs and Web applications. With this in mind, Microsoft has met theneeds of many seeking entrance into the wonder that is VB: Visual Basic 6.0,Learning Edition. Melding a standard version of Visual Basic 6.0 with amultimedia lab/tutorial polishes this product and makes VB even more attainableto those without a degree in computer science.

The learning portion of this package was written and designed by MichaelHalvorson, an eight-year technical editor at Microsoft Press. Also included inthe package is a 218-page reference manual that contains excerpts from threebeginning-to-intermediate level books also written by Halvorson:Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Step byStep: Learn by Doing,Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Programmer's Guide: Comprehensive Product Guide, andMicrosoft Visual Basic 6.0 Developer's Workshop: Learn by Example.

Getting into the tutorial includes a five-minute video presentation about thetutorial itself. And, for those who may experience hearing difficulties, orthose who wish to study Visual Basic while the kids are asleep, closedcaptioning is available for all of the narrated demonstrations. The narration,both in audio and printed form, is lively and witty, and unexpectedly allows thecreator's zest for the topic to come through.

Just like in high school, each lesson is structured in a comfortable format:lecture and demonstrations, followed by a set of labs and a quiz. By no meansmust you start at the very beginning. Scanning some of the quizzes andactivities may help you place yourself at the right spot on the learningcurve--may that be introducing yourself to basic programming concepts or sharpeningyour existing knowledge by addressing ActiveX controls or how to use Automationtechnology.

The tutorial and lab direction components of your learning are entirely separatefrom the actual Visual Basic programming environment. This means that ratherthan learning programming in a controlled setting, you'll be up to your elbowsin the real thing. This facet of the package allows for side-by-side work--asyou take your cues from the lab's directions (and yes, they often follow theempirical format), you'll then forge your own programming path in creating yourown application, often from scratch. Beginners start out with the creation of anon-demand time display; more advanced users will create database front-ends andlearn to manipulate the contained data.

The package is truly a complete first step in a foray into Visual Basic. Aside from the tutoring component, you will also be able to install theMicrosoft Developer's Network Library. Once you're familiar enough with VisualBasic, you can stretch your learning with this documentation and programminginformation. The library contains over a gigabyte of information--code samples,how-tos, and general reference--that you can also access directly from the disc,rather than tying up hard drive space. --Emilie Dirks ... Read more

Reviews (22)

5-0 out of 5 stars Good Place to Start
I bought the Learning Edition because the other ones were too expensive, especially if I decided that VB was not the direction for me. I found the help files and demonstrations very useful and when I decided to upgrade to a more detailed version, I got the special upgrade price so I hadn't lost anything. I agree that you could certainly get a good book to go along with it; I would recommend "Visual Basic 6: From the Ground Up" by Gary Cornell. Overall, I give this top marks for being precisely what it is supposed to be; a Learning Edition.

4-0 out of 5 stars If your a beginner, read this
This product is visual basic 6 for beginners. Do not think that this software will teach you how to write vb code, it wont, I know, ha ha. Im a senior in college who learned how to write vb from a book called, visual basic 6.0, step by step, the author is Michael Halvorson. This is an excellent book for the "beginner", who wants directions on how to do everything. Its a very well written book, and if you by that book with this software, youll be and intermediate level vb programmer in no time. Just remember, buy the step by step book, unless your not a programming beginner.

4-0 out of 5 stars My honest desire to be an accounting system analyst.
Choosing a software to use and start in programing should be easy and detailed to understand. Many of my friends adviced me to own a Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition to support my limited knowledge in computer operations. I am a novis user, with VB 6.0 learning edition, positively it will be a great help to impart the " What to do & What to start in programing".May be my dream to be an accounting system analyst will start from here.

5-0 out of 5 stars Visual Basic 6 Enterprise is the best!!
(...) I think Visual Basic is the best and easy development language you can get. I've got the enterprise edition and it really is packed with lots of fetures and stuff that will speed up code time. There's only one things that dissappoint me with Visual Basic, it is: Visual Basic does not have a truly advanced Internet programming like C++. I can't wait to upgrade to Visual Basic.Net because if VB6 is this good then how good can VB6.Net be(...)

5-0 out of 5 stars Temptress
I have been using VB since it came out right after VC. I have owned every upgrade and am a professional C++ programmer, and I love VB. It's like candy. It's so easy to use. Just a medium amount of programming experience can create wonderful programs. In the earlier additions there was some confusion about global variables, user written procedures and subroutines. They were in separate locations causing confusion, but everything is on one page now. You can see every bit of your code by scrolling up and down a single page.

Now for the down side, there is a lot left out of the learning edition. I can't really fault Microsoft. If they are going to have lesser and better versions then they have to leave something out of the lesser.

Finally and perhaps most important don't forget to use the wealth of help and information found on the online help section. Leave you Internet on and while in VB go up to help and select online help. There is an entire library at your disposal. Try a search, or read general information on a topic. Anything and everything you might want to know is there. Unfortunately in the learning addition most of the advanced functionality is left out. So this wonderful library just tempts you. ... Read more

25. Microsoft AE VB.NET STD 2003-WIN32 EN CD ( 046-00857 )

(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008G9IX
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


Asin: B00006HT12
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

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