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1. 150 Essential Programs for the
$99.88 list($179.99)
3. Rand McNally StreetFinder Deluxe

1. 150 Essential Programs for the Palm OS: World Traveler

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Asin: B00005BL1L
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Data Becker
Sales Rank: 9970
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

This package combines 150 travel-related freeware and shareware programs to offer a comprehensive world traveler edition for your PDA. Specialized applications help manage travel plans and itineraries, while other programs guide you once you've reached your destination. This thorough, convenient collection puts calendars, calculators, currency converters, and expense planners at your fingertips. Travel with country and subway maps, train schedules, international dictionaries, world clocks, and games--right in the palm of your hand.

Keyword searches quickly and easily access programs. Web links make updating and upgrading simple. The collection's shareware lets you evaluate programs before buying. If you decide to buy, imbedded Web links simplify registration.Data Becker's 150 Essential Programs for the Palm OS: World Traveler supports m100, m105, Palm VII, Palm Vx, Palm V, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIxe, Palm IIIx, Palm III, IBM WorkPad, Handspring Visor, Sony Clié, and TRGpro devices. A small number of programs are only compatible with specific Palm models. ... Read more

list price: $179.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00004T2GW
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Rand McNally
Sales Rank: 29725
Average Customer Review: 2.31 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Take the inconvenience, frustration, and discord out of long trips and everyday travel with Rand McNally's StreetFinder Deluxe GPS navigation system. Because the lightweight StreetFinder global positioning systemreceiver clicks on to your Palm III series organizer, you can see your location and follow your progress on the StreetFinder map wherever you go.

With the StreetFinder, you access address-to-address directions via the Internet, and then can download customized maps from your Mac or PC to your Palm III. Travel becomes a delight as you track your progress along reliable Rand McNally maps with the global positioning system accessory designed specifically for the Palm III platform.

The Rand McNally StreetFinder Deluxe GPS for Palm III configuration is so compact and portable that you can attach it to your dashboard or take it along on a walk. The receiver comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and a 110-volt battery recharger, Rand McNally's StreetFinder Deluxe GPS 2000 software, in-car cigarette lighter charger, a mount for easy use in the car, and carrying bag. The Rand McNally StreetFinder Deluxe GPS for Palm III may not give you new direction in life, but you may never have to ask for directions again.

Note: This item does not work with the Palm IIIc. ... Read more


  • Global positioning system (GPS) receiver for your Palm III series organizer
  • Includes StreetFinder software
  • GPS tracks your progress on Rand McNally maps
  • Downloads maps from your PC or Mac
  • Lightweight and portable, clips easily to your organizer

Reviews (13)

3-0 out of 5 stars reasonable hardware, terrible software
The hardware is frustratingly close to being usable. Unfortunately it forces you to remove the palm cover which makes handheld use challenging. It's often slow to acquire a lock.

The software is nearly useless, a major disappointment. I've tried a number of palm GPS apps (the device is NMEA compliant and works well with all of them), and would rank streetfinder as the worst, for all the reasons mentioned in other reviews, and for others (a 3 CD package intended for use with laptops!).

My favorite palm GPS app is solus pro 2.0, which uses compact vector maps you generate online on the website, and can use bulky, unscalable, bitmap maps (and directions) generated using delorme street atlas USA on a non-internet-connected PC.

In summary, if I had it to do over again, I'd get a standalone GPS with a serial cable, and would buy delorme street atlas and solus pro 2.0. That way I could upgrade out of the palm III form factor if I wanted to. I am happy enough with it to have replaced my III with a IIIxe so I'd have enough room for maps.

1-0 out of 5 stars You thought cell phones made drivers dangerous...
People attempting to use this thing while driving should have to mount flashing strobes on top of their vehicle. I bought this thing last year (when it was already a few years old) to use with my IIIxe. Why? Because I'm an impulse buying gadget freak. I should have researched more. I only paid [money], as I ordered it new from the marketplace sellers...but sadly, it's not even worth that.

The software doesn't seem to play nice with 98SE or seems to have a limit on the number of commands you can issue before it crashes out...completely wiping the map you spent an hour customizing. On the Palm, the maps are hard enough to read sitting on the couch...reading them in the car takes some serious visual acuity...we're talking some breed of hawk, here. I had to ask my girlfriend to drive around town just so I could fiddle with the device from the passenger seat.

I don't think I've used it since that day. It just takes up room in my glove compartment. And lastly, no...this thing will not fit in your pocket. Maybe if you frequently carry VHS tapes around in your jeans you won't notice...but I can barely stand my Palm in my pocket by itself. The GPS adds a few inches and about half a pound to the package.

If you really want a GPS, you'll be willing to spend the money on a real one. Stay away from this thing. Just go tear up some money if you have the urge to order it....

1-0 out of 5 stars Look Elsewhere - Not Ready for Primetime
I bought this product because I have a Palm IIIxe and wanted a GPS system I could use while traveling. Boy was I disappointed!! The bundled StreetFinder Deluxe 2000 PC software lacks sufficient detail to be useful. (It couldn't find my own address, while other software - notably Microsoft's Street & Trips - has no problem.) Whole neighborhoods are missing! You can download little subsets of your maps to the Palm, but because the PC software lacks detail, the Palm version really leaves a lot out to save on memory space. Going to Rand McNally's website doesn't help - there doesn't seem to be a way to upgrade the maps, so you're stuck with what you have (which isn't much.) I also had problems with the GPS. It is suppose to work on its own battery when fully charged, but I can only get it to work with the Palm when it is plugged into the cigarette lighter. When the GPS does work, the Palm StreetFinder software and downloaded map crashes a lot, requiring a complete system reset on the Palm (not fun to do while you're driving.) You also have to go through the Palm menu system to enable/disable the GPS (not fun while you're driving and the GPS is mounted to your windshield!) I would really stay away from this product, save your money, and look elsewhere. This doesn't live up to the claims. Rand McNally should just stick with paper maps.

5-0 out of 5 stars For the $$ its a no-brainer if you have a Palm III
This nifty little gadget hit the market...just three years ago... at current prices...through the internet its an amazing bargain, provided you have a Palm III.

I've used my Palm Streetfinder on many trips and find it to be easy to use and quite valuable in strange territory. It has good sensitivity and now that govt. accuracy limits have been switched off, it'll readily pinpoint you within a few tens of feet.

Memory limitations could be a hindrance, but only to those who don't plan their maps on the PC with some common sense. Detailed city maps can be over 250K. The Rand McNally mapping software is basic, but very very accurate. Be sure to d/l the update from the R/M website to avoid some early bugs in the Palm app.

Dedicated handheld GPS units have built-in maps. With the Streetfinder, you must create them on a PC and synch them to your Palm. However, this is counterbalanced by the Streefinder being a NMEA-compatible unit allowing its use with any Palm-capable GPS software. Try that on a dedicated handheld. The viewing area on a Palm is also about 50% larger than that of a dedicated handheld.

I also use Delorme's Solus Pro on my Palm software with one of their other GPS mapping packages. Solus provides almost all the functionality of a dedicated handheld GPS; tracking, directions, speed, bearing, long/lat, elevation, track logging etc.

The windshield bracket provided is solid, and the GPS unit recharges from your car's 12V outlet. Too bad it can't power the Palm too, must be no way to make power connections via the Palm's synch connector. Palm battery life is shorter because its on continually if you have the GPS app on. Be sure to carry extra AAA's.

Since any current GPS investment is almost sure to be substantially overtaken in a few years, this low cost Streetfinder solution is, as I said, a no-brainer for Palm III owners who'd like GPS mapping in their pocket.

2-0 out of 5 stars Manual for how to Use GPS for Palm III
I have now had the GPS for the Palm III for a month and still not able to make it work! Help desk is only open M-F 8-5 and thus not able to call to get much help as you need to be outside and talk to them to see if it is working.

The first thing I had to do after loading the software on the computer was to download an update to the software. Still have never been able to make it work. Instructions are very poor.

Guess this Is why there are only 2.5 stars! ... Read more

3. Rand McNally StreetFinder Deluxe for Palm IIIc and Palm VII
list price: $199.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00005BHRU
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Rand McNally
Sales Rank: 55198
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

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