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81. KidSpeak 10-in-1 Language Learning

81. KidSpeak 10-in-1 Language Learning
list price: $28.99
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Asin: B00002S8BZ
Catlog: Software
Publisher: Transparent Language
Sales Rank: 3883
Average Customer Review: 4 out of 5 stars
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How can we tell that KidSpeak: 10-in-1 Language Learning is a superb language-learning package for kids? Because it's a bit too hard for Mom and Dad. The cognitive sponge that makes setting the VCR easy for your 7-year-old is the same cognitive sponge that makes foreign languages so easy--and exactly why having your kids use software like this is a terribly good idea, the younger the better.

This multi-CD package offers equally well implemented modules for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, and Portuguese. Whew! We think it's a great idea to offer 10 languages at once, because there's no telling what language your child will decide to take later on--so the more exposure earlier, the better. Plus, this number of languages won't put off kids the way it will adults--instead it will probably inspire your kid's curiosity.

Unlike adults, who freak out when they don't see new words written out, children usually handle linguistic unknowns with an instinctive curiosity. Hinting at the solid pedagogical underpinnings of its design, KidSpeak takes advantage of this instinct at every turn: in the Chinese module, for instance, Chinese characters are used right off the bat--no Romanization here. This is actually exactly what you want--unlike adults, children won't be afraid, and they'll learn the characters faster this way. Each module offers effective alphabet games, number games, animal games, a few songs with animations--all with navigation instinctive to children. None of the modules is a course in conversation--they're much more concerned with recognition of everyday words, which is a good way to introduce your kids to new languages and cultures in a fun, painless way.

Each language has its own animated host and culture-specific stylization, but the games and learning activities in each are similar and well designed. Each CD has both Macintosh and Windows versions on board, and (brilliantly) there is no installation involved--you can run each language module immediately off the CD. Especially cool: the CD includes a resourceful parents' guide and an impressive children's workbook for each language, all in PDF format you can print out at your leisure. (Ages 6 to 10) --Erik Macki ... Read more

Reviews (8)

5-0 out of 5 stars Kidspeak 10-in-1 Langauge Learning
I have a great deal of experience with teaching foreign languages to children. By the time my daughter was 18 months old, she spoke and understood 10 foreign languages. I just received 10-in-1, two days ago.This product is outstanding. My five-year-old daughter who has been exposed to these languages before, loves the games, such as dominoes,tic-tac-toe, memory, vocabulary puzzle-building and more. I am thrilled with the product and would recommend it to anyone, child or adult to work on vocabulary, comprehension and pronunciation. It is truly an immersion program, which is best, but it has a help button if you suddenly have trouble understanig something. if you want to encourage foreign languages for you kids, buy this product.

4-0 out of 5 stars My child loves it
I got it for only a couple of languages but my daughter (at 4 & 5 & 6 years old)loves to play with many of them. She will spend aquite a bit of time with it. Hard to tell if she's learning but exposure is good for young ears - and it is not "Mom, I don't want to". Of course I have never tried to put her on a regular schedule with it either.

3-0 out of 5 stars Too many languages
This is a 3 CD pack. CD #l contained Spanish, French, and German. The basics of basics. My first problem is my having a Windows 98. These CD's are ment for Macintosh and Windows 95. Although it ran instantly I found it locked up after I would exit a lesson to try another language. Was this because I don't have a Win95? It was none the less annoying having to take out the CD and put it back in so I could pick another language on the CD. Another bad point was that each language has praise and instruction of the activities in the selected language which served no purpose.You had to go to the help button to see what the buttons ment in English.That slowed me down having to switch rather than having an instant translation after the foreign language was spoken. Less bouncing around if that was included. The exiting of your language lesson also was spoken/written in your selected language which was foolish. If you're learning German for instance, and you don't read German, you don't know if you're asked if you want to leave or not, and which is the yes and no. Pick the wrong one and you're still in that language when you wanted out. The Spanish in CD #l was a pain in the behind because it was Castillian Spanish, spoken in Spain and Argentina. Their "c's" are pronounced like "th" which can be very annoying if you're expecting crisp pronunciation like you'd speak in Mexico or other Latin American countries. CD #2 contained Japanese, Chinese(Mandarin),Korean, Indonesian. The Japanese was useless as there weren't that many activities and maneuvering the program was difficult because when you selected something, it didn't work. The Chinese was excellent, although I only understood "hello". Again, the CD locked up so I had to take it out and put it back in to run the Korean. Hated it. Didn't bother with Indonesian. For some reason, in the Asian languages, the tone of voice rarely changes so you don't know if the voice is happy or not. CD #3 contained Italian, Portugese, Hebrew. I enjoyed the Italian much better than the other two languages. The memory names of objects/animals/days/numbers games were fun, though I stayed away from Dominos in the math games. How many Americans have ever played Dominos! There were no directions for it either! The 3 levels of difficulty for vocabulary I was impressed with.I liked the songs too for the animals and alphabet though I could only pick out a word or two.I found I partly wasted my money because I have to ignore the Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian. I seem more suited to French, German, and Chinese. Maybe it's because I'm an adult and not a child who can learn l0 languages at once like I thought. Beware, you or your child learn no conversation. Had the CD's not locked up and had languages that turned out to be turnoffs, I would've rated this higher. I won't return this because of a few uninteresting languages. I'll have enough on my plate mastering the French, German and especially the hardest one, Chinese.

5-0 out of 5 stars Disguised as just another game for kids of all ages
I got Kidspeak when I was much younger and still have it to this day. It's a step to beginner and very easy to understand. I find myself taking it out and studying for a french exam with it. Kidspeak introduces you to 10 languages and 10 fun characters. It includs popular Spanish to the rare Hebrew. If all your for is to know how to say hello in Italian than Kidspeak is defientely for you. I love the characters that interact with the gamer throughout the learning experience. They pronounce and sound the words and pharses wonderfully. I've gone through every language on these cds and can say proudly that I know how to count to ten in all 10 languages. To get an idea what exactly you will receive in Kidspeak here you go: Languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, and Portuguese on 3 cds.
I'm very glad that my mother got me this game for my sister and I. I learn so much just by clicking on a mouse. Parents, please don't deny your kid's the chance to explore so much and learn new things outside their mother tongue. The games are so rich and fun even for me, a college student.
Don't turn down this chance, seriously. I have been in love with languages for as long as I can remeber and Kidspeak brought that out in me.

1-0 out of 5 stars Kidspeak needs to review their product
Spanish alphabet incorrect, which diminished my confidence in remaining languages. I returned the product. ... Read more

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